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“Girls Can”


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Powerful Woman Motto Mug

I was never one of those “favourite mug” people. So long as my tea/coffee was piping hot and sugary, I was a happy camper.

That’s all changed now; thanks to this beauty.


Such a small thing really – with some glaring punctuation and grammar issues to boot – but with every morning cup of coffee, every night-time sup of tea, and the occasional hot chocolate treat, I remind myself to live by this philosophy; the take-no-prisoners, fierce, powerful lifestyle.

Maybe it’s a little chauvinistic, a bit over-the-top, and completely competitive in its message; but maybe it’s also a doctrine more of us should live by. Our society – especially – expects and praises the quiet, polite, conforming individual (it is an especially desired quality in women, unfortunately…) but by this stage in my own life, I would prefer to be disliked for being a little too outspoken, rather be a topic of tabletop gossip for not taking anyone’s crap, and delight in pissing off a person or too for defending myself in the face of any adversity. These things always provide great discussion topics during a night out with the people who like that side of you!

I spent too many years the quiet little lady trying to keep everyone else happy; this little gem reminds me to be better than that. To be myself in every manner possible, as loudly as possible (I’m afraid!).

Remind yourself, everyday, and you’ll make everyone else shudder at your feet too.

But if you feel that you, too, need to see the message in front of your face every day, find the mug on amazon and enjoy that hot beverage. You deserve it.