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Barbie Can Go Suck It, There’s a New Doll in Town

Organisation “Natural Girls United!” completely blasts Barbie industries out of the water with their realistic African-American styled selection of dolls.



The ethnically appropriate and incredibly beautiful dolls and their designs – from the natural Afro hairstyles to their clothing choices and facial appearance – acts as a catalyst in contemporary toy manufacturing, challenging the non-authentic, Western-appropriate aesthetics of Barbie’s close (black)friend, Christie.


Karen Byrd, founder and designed for the “Natural Girls United” organisation, stated that

I have wanted to take-on the project of customizing dolls hair, to have the look and feel of styles, and textures of ethnic women and girls, for a long time. As a young girl, I remember loving to play with my dolls… mainly with my Barbie’s.  I thought the dolls where beautiful, but always noticed that my African American dolls did not look like me. Their features did not look like mine, and their hair certainly did not look or feel like my hair!  This did affect my view of what beauty was.

Byrd’s desire to challenge Westernized assumptions of beauty through diversification and ethnic inclusion in the manufacturing and designing process is significant and, slowly but surely, encourage more and more young women to embrace and recognize their beauty.

Byrd’s stunning designs can be custom ordered as gifts or personal reminder’s of your own beauty on her website, linked below.