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Why #HerNameWasReeva is Important

Today marks a day of justice for Reeva Steenkamp. Murdered by her now infamous partner and former Olympian Oscar Pistorius in 2013, she and her family can finally attempt to find some sort of peace. Pistorius was infamously charged with manslaughter, despite having fired four rounds into a locked bathroom door; he claimed to believe… Continue reading Why #HerNameWasReeva is Important

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Hostile and Tragic Attacks in Paris France (In Development)

A series of hostile attacks have taken place today in Paris France and are apparently still under occurring in the city; emergency services are being enforced. Several bomb explosions have been heard and a number of people have been (were?) taken hostage during a concert in the Bataclan and their have been reports of shootings… Continue reading Hostile and Tragic Attacks in Paris France (In Development)