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Post-March Hope

There will be less political antagonism in this post than a sense of positivity and hope (I hope…). The post-Women’s March euphoria is upon us, and I haven’t truly come down from that high. In the face of overwhelming intolerance and hate, and the knowledge of four (possibly though hopefully not more than four) years… Continue reading Post-March Hope

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Ireland’s New Abortion Laws

After the tragedy that was Savita Halappanavar and child’s untimely deaths (the mother’s being more than preventable)  in 2012, the Irish government is finally inducting new laws which aim at protecting the life of the mother. The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013 will ensure that doctors can protect the life of the mother if the… Continue reading Ireland’s New Abortion Laws

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“What Women Deserve” Sonya Renee

Sonya Renee brilliantly slams the anti-choice/pro-life movement and the organisations and governments which defend and protect their scare tactics and which, yet, will not actually help these women once they have children. “Women Deserve Better” highlights the race and class issues surrounding abortion, pregnancy, and motherhood and, significantly,  how society uses these issues to control these… Continue reading “What Women Deserve” Sonya Renee