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Post-March Hope

There will be less political antagonism in this post than a sense of positivity and hope (I hope…). The post-Women’s March euphoria is upon us, and I haven’t truly come down from that high. In the face of overwhelming intolerance and hate, and the knowledge of four (possibly though hopefully not more than four) years… Continue reading Post-March Hope

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Trump: Them Vs Us

The privileged today are those who are truly not thrown by the election results in the US – those who are unperturbed. They are the ones who know their livelihoods and hopes are in “safe” hands. They are the powered individuals whose conformity to majority rules renders them safe in a new Trump-ian world. I… Continue reading Trump: Them Vs Us

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Attempted Coup Currently Occurring in Turkey

Irish time: 15 July, 2016 10.04PM Turkish PM arguing it’s defintiely NOT a coup, but that parts of the military are taking action without a chain of command. Semantics?! Really?! An attempted coup is taking place, I’d say the emphasis needs to focus on why and how this is occurring and whether or not people… Continue reading Attempted Coup Currently Occurring in Turkey

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Laura Bates’ phenomenal and eye-opening Everyday Sexism Project first hit the web in 2012 as a new kind of digital-based consciousness raising project, where women were actively encouraged to discuss and analyze their own experiences with sexism and misogyny.   Starting the website, Bates’ original hope was to acquire at least 100 stories but quickly… Continue reading #WhenIWas

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“Will Swim/Cycle/Run for Money” – Fund Raising for Charity

  So this coming June my very dedicated and generous Brother-in-law Michael Garry will be taking part in Challenge Galway, his first ever full Triathlon – that’s a full 226KM distance split between swim, cycle and run! – and to celebrate the momentous event he is raising donations for charity! The donations raised will be… Continue reading “Will Swim/Cycle/Run for Money” – Fund Raising for Charity