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The Woes of Feminism and the Movies

Many of us have been unfortunate enough to witness the vitriol and small-mindedness which accompanied the build-up and release of the gender-reversed reboot of Ghostbusters earlier this year. With it, of course, came the chorus of mostly male laments against feminism: “How dare four women take the place of four men, who do they think… Continue reading The Woes of Feminism and the Movies

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Facebook’s New Gender Options

Facebook has made another notable change to its interface – and this time for the better! – expanding its gender options. Since its inception, Facebook has offered the two heterosexist, phallocentric options well known to us all – male or female. Now,  the social networking site will offer the fifty choices (see the list below)… Continue reading Facebook’s New Gender Options

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“If My Son Were Gay” Nishat Ahmed

Ahmen’s powerful and stirring poem “If My Son Were Gay” revises the typical and common assumptions and critiques which father’s and mother’s level against their gay children, turning them completely on their heads. Instead of critiquing and judging, the poet champions their bravery and happiness. “If my son were gay, I’d slap him With a… Continue reading “If My Son Were Gay” Nishat Ahmed