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Challenging Rape Culture with Comedy: Tracey Ullman “Mugged.”

Tracey Ullman’s “Mugged” is a brief comedy sketch which brilliantly challenges the norms of rape culture: more specifically the rape myths which position the victims as blame-worthy and responsible. Advertisements

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An Interesting Turn of Events: Ohio Bookstore Celebrates Women’s Month

All puns intended here, an Ohio Bookshop has chosen to celebrate International Women’s Month by effectively silencing all their male authors — and doesn’t that make a nice change? — by displaying them spine inwards. Loganberry Books, a feminist-oriented bookstore, and their small staff worked through around 8,000 books in order to protest the historical… Continue reading An Interesting Turn of Events: Ohio Bookstore Celebrates Women’s Month

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Post-March Hope

There will be less political antagonism in this post than a sense of positivity and hope (I hope…). The post-Women’s March euphoria is upon us, and I haven’t truly come down from that high. In the face of overwhelming intolerance and hate, and the knowledge of four (possibly though hopefully not more than four) years… Continue reading Post-March Hope

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Twitter Truths (2/?)

Raising awareness is all well and good — but how about initiating the solutions instead and actually providing the necessary aid? This is global capitalism marketing an ongoing crisis while the powers that be fail in every respect to ensure even the most basic human rights in a first world country!     Curiosity sparks… Continue reading Twitter Truths (2/?)

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Academia’s “Large and Small Indignities”

I’ve been exceedingly lucky so far in my doctoral progress: between the backing of a highly supportive and enthusiastic supervisor and surrounding colleagues – of both a qualified and student status – and the fact that I still warrant the opportunity for future funding (fingers and toes crossed!), however all is not well and good… Continue reading Academia’s “Large and Small Indignities”

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Trump: Them Vs Us

The privileged today are those who are truly not thrown by the election results in the US – those who are unperturbed. They are the ones who know their livelihoods and hopes are in “safe” hands. They are the powered individuals whose conformity to majority rules renders them safe in a new Trump-ian world. I… Continue reading Trump: Them Vs Us