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Doris Lessing

Earlier this week, the talented and beloved writer, playwright, poet, and Nobel Prize winner, Doris Lessing, passed away, gently at age 94.

Her impressive career – over 50 works – exceeded decades, boundaries and genres; she wrote almost-feminist-fiction (The Golden Notebook), political non-fiction  (Prisons We Choose To Live Inside), depictions of the developing world and class struggles (The Good Terrorist), dysotopian and science-fiction (Memoirs of a Survivor)  and the landscapes of Africa where she spent much of her formative years (as is beautifully depicted in her first novel The Grass is Singing.) Her work, furthermore, has influenced the establishment of the Doris Lessing Society dedicated to academically and studiously reviewing her work.

Despite her arduous upbringing – difficulties with her mother, dropping out a school when she was 13 and self-educating herself – she evidently went on to become a masterful, respected, and, much adored public figure and, no doubt, will continue to be so.

Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.

Find below the covers of some of her best and most celebrated works:

alfredandemily bict50 bict188 bict197 fifthchild


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