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Lauren Luke’s “How to Look Your Best the Morning After”

Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence.

Lauren Luke is a well-known make-up artist and entrepreneur sporting her own cosmetics brand; in this advertisement, she lends her artistic skills to depict the horrors of domestic violence for organisation Refuge.

In the short piece we see Lauren’s face close-up, worryingly bruised and battered, her aim in the video being to educate her viewers on how to cover up; however, while most cosmetic tutorials on covering up will concentrate on blemishes or blackheads, Lauren is covering up the evidence of domestic abuse. Within the less-than-two-minute video, Lauren hints at the shocking cause of her dishevelment, casually dropping in references such as a “jealous type of partner.” having a “rough time” lately, and being uses being “pushed into a coffee table” as the cause of her bruising. 

The advert finishes extremely suddenly when a sound from off-camera alerts Lauren to her “jealous type partners” return home; she hastily blacks out the webcam and is replaced with the statistic:

65% of women who suffer domestic violence keep it hidden. Don’t cover it up.

The message is clear.



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