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The word cunt, what comes to mind when one hears it said in public? Wow that person is disgusting, how can he/she say that word? It’s viewed as the worst of the worst, a word  seldom ever heard in the bloodiest Hollywood movies. Funnily enough it features heavily in Australian and Kiwi lingo one finds where it is not viewed as a negative word as the Western world sees it, it is more so a sign of friendliness, alright cunt?
Moving on then a bit I guess I think I’d like to just have a gander at the word itself. What does it mean? Well it’s basically a vagina. Yes. It is that simple. Really. So why all the  annoyance over it? Why is it that if I was to call a man or woman a cunt I would get looks of derision and disgust from onlookers and a reaction of rage from the insulted party? The term dickhead could also be looked at it in this regard but that’s a story for another day I think. Anyway back to the fun topic of insulting people with names for female genitalia.
Why is a female sex organ used to deride or belittle someone e.g. he’s some cunt for doing that, she can be such a cunt or a personal favourite of mine: You’re just a cunt (if said to a woman). This last insult is interesting I think for a few reasons. Firstly, it is of course using the word to debase someone and secondly, it is stating that this is all the insulted woman is seen as. She has no other redeeming features except for what lies between her legs and is seen as perhaps an object by some. Similarly, the phrase ‘stop acting like such a cunt’ or words to that effect take a similar idea whereby the female organ has negative connotations and is used in an insulting manner and is comparing someone to the lowest of the low, in this case perhaps a woman?
A point I mentioned earlier was the near universal disgust which exists for the word. I shall use an anecdotal piece of evidence to elaborate on the aforementioned point. A temporary colleague of mine who resided in the USA was over to our fair shores for work placement  1 and overheard a fellow member of staff say it under his breath and of course enquired the following: “Is that disgusting word hated here as much as it is back home?” (or words to that effect, you get the idea). Of course, I explained that yes, of course it is disliked here but a small few don’t mind using it from time to time, although those in my company were not any of those progressive folk. Go figure. What has the word ‘cunt’ done to achieve such universal disdain? Similarly one will find in a work situation the stigma occurs also with regard to its usage, working in a professional type environment one may find that cursing is commonplace and the odd use of a few swear words helps break the ice but words like ‘cunt’ are most certainly out of bounds. Following on from this I find it interesting to see, again based on purely anecdotal evidence, that women seem to carry a greater hatred towards the word. Is it perhaps seen as being a female figure lower than that of the ‘bitch’ or the ‘slut’?
Of course these two words themselves also carry large back stories and could be discussed at length but that shall not be done here. Before I forget to mention it, remember in ‘Kick-Ass’, the very alt superhero flick released about 2-3 years ago, where Chloe Moertz’s character Hit-Girl says a sentence to the effect of “Alright you cunts let’s see what you can do”. You may or may not recall the tremors it caused due to the fact that she was a teen uttering such a word in a film. I find it kind of funny how such a fuss was kicked up over the use of a harmless word as opposed to the PC brigade annoying people with common sense everywhere regarding the extreme violence which exists all throughout the movie? Kind of a strange standard to be setting, no?
Why do such words carry such venom and bitterness? They are after all only words, they really mean nothing and are only our interpretation of a thing. So please feel free to say the word cunt wherever you please along with all the assholes, bastards, pricks and motherfuckers you can muster, I sure as shit won’t mind.

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